Metamask What Does Hiding A Nft Do Updated 2023

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Have you ever wondered why some NFTs appear in your OpenSea “Hidden” tab? Let’s find out more.

Anyone can send and receive tokens to and from wallet addresses, which is one of the intriguing features of many blockchains. This implies that receiving an NFT into your wallet doesn’t need you to buy or sell one.

Similar to how you can receive an email from anyone, you don’t even have to accept a transfer to receive an NFT from someone else.

Receiving an NFT that you did not order does not indicate that your wallet has been stolen. Genuine creators occasionally mint NFTs and distribute them to users directly as part of an airdrop for a collection.

However, occasionally scammers will use transfers to send you NFTs that persuade you to read NFT listings that contain links to nefarious third-party websites, just like when you receive spam emails.

In order to safeguard our users, OpenSea will typically move a transferred NFT to the Hidden tab if we suspect something is fishy about it. In this scenario, neither the transfer nor the item will show up in your activity feed or Collected tab.

Like an email spam folder, the Hidden tab may occasionally contain valid NFTs, while the Collected tab may occasionally contain malicious NFTs. Use extreme caution whenever you click on a non-OpenSea URL connected to an NFT.

Metamask What Does Hiding A Nft Do?

Hiding tokens or NFTs has no impact on ownership; your account’s genuine balance as displayed on the blockchain remains unchanged.

Metamask What Does Hiding A Nft Do

On Metamask, How to Hide NFTs and Tokens

  • Locate the token you want to conceal on your list of holdings.
  • As your mouse cursor moves over the token, three vertical dots will emerge on the far right of the token. To access the Token activities menu, click here.

-Choose the option to hide.

  • As soon as you confirm your choice in the offered option, the token will vanish from your possession.

Using Metamask, How to Unhide NFTs and Tokens

Both methods of wealth concealment can be completely undone.

  • To unhide tokens, go to Settings > Hidden tokens and click the plus symbol next to the asset.
  • You may visit the NFTs page of your portfolio and unhide NFTs by selecting the toggle on the right side of the homepage.

Your NFTs will be divided into the “Owned” and “Hidden” tab categories. Go to “Hidden” and click the ellipsis on any NFT to access the option to unhide that NFT.

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